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P.M Abiy Ahmed (PhD) Message

Ethiopia is yet to realize its potential in the digital space and leverage technology to build a more prosperous society. Urgent, bold, and coordinated action is needed so we can make this transformation successful.


Leveraging these digital opportunities demands a new mindset and leadership style from the Government. Enabling innovation means embracing the unknown. The Government commits to investing in the Research and Development of future and emerging technologies as well as creating an enabling environment for courageous, innovative, and committed people to develop new businesses, services, and jobs. 


Abiy Ahmed Ali (PhD),  

Prime Minister,  

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


Digital Ethiopia 2025

This strategy took into consideration the current economic drivers (Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services), the priority sectors, and the national objectives of jobs creation, forex earnings and inclusive prosperity as a means of identifying the most relevant digital enabled pathways for Ethiopia. These are:

Value from Agriculture

Two specific opportunities identified for Ethiopia to succeed on this pathway are; building a Digital Agriculture platform; an integrated system that offers new insights that enhance the ability to make decisions and subsequently implement them, and supporting and incentivizing Ag-tech entrepreneurship as these will ensure innovations, jobs, export in agriculture and related sectors, and inclusivity within the thriving Ag-tech entrepreneurship sector in Ethiopia.

The next version of global value chains in manufacturing

Currently, apparel factories in Ethiopia are not technologically behind as investors in the latest Ethiopian industrial parks arrived with new technologies. Two specific opportunities identified for Ethiopia to succeed on this pathway are; enabling the adoption and creation of new communication technologies in industrial parks to expand access to global markets and enhancing digitally-enabled logistics management approaches to boost export.

Building the IT-enabled services

Two specific opportunities identified for Ethiopia to succeed on this pathway are; providing infrastructure to high potential talent centres and reframing and operationalizing the IT Park to attract leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), specifically Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPs) which are often non-profit, or semi-for-profit organizations with particular social business angles of targeting workers from underprivileged communities.

Digital as the driver of tourism competitiveness

Three specific opportunities identified for Ethiopia to succeed on this pathway are; driving digitalization across the tourism industry by setting up a tourism digitalization taskforce, improving tourist inflow and increasing tourist activity through targeted digital marketing strategies, and building capacity of tourism SMEs to adopt digital technologies (including improving online presence and accepting digital payments).

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